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 Proper urban planning for greater development

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Proper urban planning for greater development Empty
PostSubject: Proper urban planning for greater development   Proper urban planning for greater development EmptyTue Feb 15, 2011 11:48 pm

To rein in the Cochin Real Estate developments, analysts have stressed the need for state intervention in housing in order to maintain equilibrium in the housing sector.  It will help to make housing affordable to the urban poor, while simultaneously improving life in the slums.  This requires total political commitment by the central and state governments and a joint effort by the public and private sector undertakings involved in urban housing.  Urban planners now advocate that housing should be declared as an industry.
Recently an urban planner pointed out that the role of the public sector in housing seems to be significant when compared to the mammoth backlog of housing needs.  He suggested specific tasks for the public sector to accomplish and has also suggested measures for encouraging the involvement of the private sector.
Thus it is imperative to have the joint participation of the public and private agencies in housing and urban development.  For this it is necessary to identify private developers of repute and allow them to undertake urban development projects with adequate safeguards against excessive profiteering.  The new policy of the government has made housing as an economic activity rather than a social service.  The role of the erstwhile public housing agencies is now more commonly as a promoter and a facilitator rather than a builder. 
In the context of the problems associated with housing in Cochin and surrounding areas, to accelerate the role of the group housing societies, 40 percent of the developed land should be allotted to them at a subsidized price.  The National Housing Bank should be made more responsible to the people’s demands by providing an efficient and speedy delivery system.  A step in that direction can be expected in the future.
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Proper urban planning for greater development
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