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 Hot like never before

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PostSubject: Hot like never before   Hot like never before EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 3:09 am

The hot properties in Kochi and in the whole of Kerala can be seen on both sides of the busy M.G.Road. In Kochi, according to recent estimates, a seller of a property in M.G.Road will get more than one crore rupees for a cent of land. According to the Kerala Builders Forum, this value has already climbed to many times higher value even though the sellers and the buyers used to admit only about one crore for a cent of land in the registration papers.

The interesting fact is that very few land transactions actually take place in any given year. Thus if at all a land transaction is to take place in the vicinity of M.G.Road, the buyer will have to vie with the cash savvy builders and other successful business people willing to invest any amount of money to own a piece of property in the financial nerve center of the state.

After the recent recession, the real estate prices are looking up again. Even in those times of a lull in the real estate market, the property prices never went down below a particular limit. However, that is seen only in a city like Kochi. All other parts in the state of Kerala are prone to the vagaries in the national and international economy. The developments in the international economic scene also have a major bearing on the local economy, since vast majorities of the people depend upon remittances from international destinations.

Consider the real estate developments in Vytilla, touted as the biggest junction in the state of Kerala. The significance of this place lies on the fact that it is the meeting point of the arterial roads and a major bypass that connects the northern part of the state to the south. Vytilla is the next hot property in Kochi after M.G.Road. If the present developments continue, then this busy area is likely to match or even surpass the developments in M.G.Road. Business houses unable to find a foothold in M.G.Road now consider an investment in Vytilla worth in the long run.
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Hot like never before
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