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 Take care of your hair

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Take care of your hair Empty
PostSubject: Take care of your hair   Take care of your hair EmptyFri Sep 16, 2011 9:28 am

Consider a blonde, a Black and an Indian. Among them, who will possess the most healthy hair? No need to have another session of hair-splitting arguments. A team of researchers in New Jersy has researched on this topic and came up with the result– it is none other than the Indian.

Newspapers report that the team which carried out a research on the topic took into consideration many characteristics of the hair such as its thickness, strength, lustre, smoothness etc and the Indian hair outshone the others in all aspects.

How come Indian hair proved superior? The reasons vary. There are many factors that cater to the health of the hair starting from the climate of the region to the day-to-day hair care methods that we resort to. Indians, especially those from Kerala, usually oil their hair very often and massage the head properly. Such a method will help revitalise the blood vessels on the head and thus promote the hair growth. Oil massaging is included in the ayurvedic treatment for hair falling too. Women in Kerala also use the medicinal herbs available on their residential premises for shampooing the hair. In short, avoiding the application of artificial chemicals, proper diet to reduce the hair fall and proper massaging may be the factors which contributed to the healthy hair of an Indian.
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Take care of your hair
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